The Boat House – Palm Beach

A beautiful and sunny Sunday. Great kick off for the kids as School holidays have just started.

We decided to head to palm beach and check out the bit beach and the little cafe restaurant by the water called “The Boat House”

As it was the first weekend of the school holidays and not to mention it just happen to have local market down the road, The Boat House was completely filled with people. Line was out the door and even before walking in to the place there was a sign advising of a 40 minute wait on food.

We decided to wait, as we already parked the car and pay the meters, we really couldn’t be bother driving to find another place.

Took us roughly about 25 mins in the line before we got to the the counter to order our food and drinks. The drinks came out pretty fast. Like literally 2 mins after I sat down.

And what better to have on a hot day, than a Ice coffe and Ice Chocolate served in what looked like a flower vase. Despite the vase, we have to admit that it does look really nice. 🙂

After waiting for 40 mins, our food finally arrived and we were absolutely starving. And the presentation of the food was just like the drinks. They looked pretty delicious.

Overall the food was enjoyable despite our long wait. Weather was amazing and the atmosphere was very friendly, with everyone in their casual beach wear. The wait was a bit long, but as I said, it was school holidays and there was a market on, so the crowd is to be expected. Never the less, the food that came out despite the busy crowd was still very fresh and presented nicely. So definitely worth coming back on a less crowded day.

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