The Little French Patisserie

A beautiful sunny weekend, whilst exploring around the main street of Mosman, we manage to stumble into a little french patisserie shop. Funny enough, despite the sign saying “Patisserie”, the place was actually called “The Little French Patisserie”.

The selection was small, and from what I hear from the employees. The amount of cakes made each day is also very limiting

Overall nothing too fancy seem to stand out to us, but we were there already so we had to at least try out something. Cathy happend to be interested in the Mont Blanc – Chestnut cream with white chocolate mousse and cherry.

I would have to say the cake was amazing. Real chestnut mashed infused cream, so we were getting the authentic grainy chestnut taste and not just some essences. The white chocolate mousse was very soft and light. Not too sweet, so making the cake very easily consumed and not too overpowering with sweetness.

For those who wants to give this place a try. I highly recommend to take away as there was only room to sit 4 people by the window, and thats if you like to get close and comfy with strangers. 🙂