Rojo Rocket – Avoca Beach

We visited Avoca beach for the October long weekend and was recommended to visit the local restaurant/bar “Rojo Rocket”. They said it is best to book in, and when we rang the restaurant we were greeted with a voice message saying that the bookings were already all filled out for the night šŸ˜¦

Well, we had nothing better to do, so we decided to go for a drive and visit the restaurant just to have a look at it anyways, The place looked pretty awesome and the atmosphere was definitely set, with music, a random cow in the garden and to top it off, we were greeted by a freaky skeleton when we walked in. ?!?!?

We were really just browsing around the atmosphere, and than we were greeted by the waiter and asked if we needed help. We explained that we didn’t have a booking and was just looking around, however she advised that they have available tables, so we decided to dine there that night.

We ordered guacamole for starters. It didn’t look too bad, and tasted ok. I’m not a bit fan of guacamole but I did enjoy it.

For the mains we ordered Tacos De Borrego, which is tortillas filled with slow cooked lamb. And Cochinita Pibil (slow cooked pork leg with mexican rice and tortillas).

The tacos de borrego was extremely juicy and if you like lamb, its is definitely a good choice. Do eat with care, juices overflow with every bite.

The Cochinita pibil was just as nice, and I haven’t had mexican rice for a long time so it was an extra treat for me. However do be warn, if you are not a spicy eater like me, than don’t be stupid like me and try to take a nibble at the jalapeƱo chilli that came with the plate. Man they were hot. šŸ˜¦

We were pretty full by the time we finished our mains, but temptations arises when the next table has a birthday girl and out comes churros with chocolate and cajeta sauce. It was amazing, especially the cajeta sauce, caramelised syrup with a hint of Tia Maria.

Rojo Rocket was definitely a good recommendation and I recommend it. Just remember to book in early, you might not be as lucky as us. They also offer a shuttle bus service for locals around a 5km radius. So if you are staying close, you might want to take them up on the offer and enjoy a few more margaritas.

366 Avoca Drive
Avoca NSW 2577
(02)4382 2255

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