Swerve and Co. – Mosman

Its not often that I have breakfast, and I definitely don’t wake up that early on a weekend for it either. But once in a blue moon it happens. So here we are at Swerve and Co at Mosman, still half asleep.

The cafe was extremely busy and packed, but we manage to locate a table non the less. Pushing and shoving helps. Nah, we were just lucky and happen to walk in as someone was leaving. But it wouldn’t surprise me if i did push and shove on a busy day. Be honest, its a weekend and I had to get up early for breakfast, of course I’m gonna be a bit grumpy…

We sat down and had a look around. I didn’t feel like a coffee and when I was nosing around like I always do at the restaurants, something caught my eye. A light green liquid with green foam was situated 2 tables down. Turns out to be freshly squeezed apple juice. NICE! Fruit juice it was.

It was a hard to decide what to have for breakfast.. But one thing for sure, it wasn’t going to be healthy 😀 So pancakes for the lady, and bacon avocado and roasted tomatoes for me.

Well pancakes arrived and they looked delicious. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Also came with ice-cream. Ice-cream for breakfast, I feel like a kid again… Wait.. I don’t think I ever had ice-cream for breakfast when I was a kid. Well, I’m living a kids dream, good enough 🙂

My plate wasn’t bad either, I never been a big fan of tomatoes, but this was just amazing. Theres really not much i can say about my bacon, avocado and roasted tomatoes. The name pretty much give it away. But it is just simply delicious and the combination of all the ingredients just makes it worth getting up early for it.

Overall the cafe was lovely. We can see why it is so busy. The service of the waiters aren’t the best, but the speed of the kitchen and the quality of the food is what brings the crowd.

If you are a local around the area than you most likely know of the place, for those who haven’t been. You should definitely find a day and time and come visit for breakfast. Its certainly a nice and enjoyable cafe.

Swerve & Co
876 Military Road
Mosman NSW 2088
(02) 9960 1285

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