Jamie’s Italian

I have been told by a few of my friends that Jamie’s Italian is a nice place and that I should really try it out. So a booking was made and 4 weeks later, we manage to make it to the restaurant. Yes, it took 4 weeks to get a table, and because we booked a table there is a 8.5% surcharge. Its either the 4 week wait or 2.5hours wait at the door. Either way, you will have to wait.  Sigh 😦

Well 4 weeks wait have been completed. Time for a feast! We booked for a table of 12, however one thing after another we ended up only having 6 attending that night >.<

We arrived right on the dot at 6pm and apologise for the lack of attendances. However we were just advised that it doesn’t matter, we have 2hours for the table, as long as we finish our meal, pay the bills and get out of there before 8, it was ok. I felt a bit bad, as there was clearly a long line of people waiting at the door for a table, we were tempted to just hand pick 6 and ask them to join us. But we didn’t 😦

We were starving, so we hurriedly and started to proceed to order.. Well we try to order anyways, I founded it extremely hard to get one particular waiters attention. Despite he was only 3 meters away from me, he was just too busy talking to another waiter, it would be understandable if they were working, but clearly they were just having a casual chat. After multiple attempts and almost tempted to throw something at him, a lovely female waiter by the name of Imogen, managed to see us and came over with a smile to help us out.

We ordered a few entree to try out.

Baked Mushrooms – A lovely pizza looking dish with thinly sliced mushrooms topped of with buffalo mozzarella. Please note it looks nice and thick, but its is on a thin crispy crust. The thickness is an illusion made by the plate that it is served and cooked in. Attempt to cut through the plate will lead to failure and you becoming the laughing subject of the table, unlucky for me, I made that mistake.

Mushroom Fritta – Lightly crumbed deep fried mushrooms. Crispy, light and extremely tasty

Deep fried Spaghetti Bolognese – This one was a big plain, and presentations wasn’t that great either.

Roasted pumpkin with Buffalo cheese – This dish looks really nice and the roast pumpkin was delicious, the stretch buffalo cheese ball looks nice. But this is pretty much all there is to this dish. Thee looks and the pumpkins, unfortunately it was nothing more.

Than now comes the pasta/risotto dishes. Cant really have Italian without pastas. I have been told that I needed to try the Black angel spaghetti and was also recommended the Prawn linguine. So thats what I choose, and the rest of the table all choose their own thing. 🙂

Black Angel Spaghetti – Squid ink pasta, scallops , garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine and capers.

A very pretty dish, despite it being black and the taste was really amazing if you don’t mind a bit of saltiness which comes from the anchovies.

Prawn Linguine

This was recommended to me by Imogen, our waiter. She advised us that the dish is very popular at the restaurant. And she was not wrong, it was good and from the first taste, it is no wonder it is popular. Fresh tomato sauce with grilled king prawns. Amazing flavours and you can really taste the freshness of the tomatoes, the pasta was al dente, just the way I like it.

Buffalo Ricotta Raviola – Parcel stuffed with ricotta, lemon mint and parmesan.

This dish was a bit disappointing for me. It was too much to the lemon side. It was really confusing as to why thus was listed as a main pasta. The mixture of lemon and mint made it extremely tangy and my tongue was crowded too many different tastes and flavours.

Rissotto Milanese – Creamy saffron & Parmesan risotto with herby bone bone marrow.

As a risotto, there wasn’t much to say about it. Slightly over cooked to the soft side, creamy but not much saffron flavour. They skimped out on the saffron, which was disappointing.

Pastas dones, and here comes the main dishes.

Lamb Chop Lollipops – soft, perfectly cook lamb chop on bone. Melts in your mouth upon entering. It is pretty good and big. Highly recommended for lamb lovers

Wagyu bresaola & beet salad. – looks can be deceiving with dishes. This dish is definitely one of those not so appealing ones, but it does have flavour and it is nice.

We were pretty full by the time we finished our mains. Was there room for dessert? At first we thought, no. But after looking around and seeing the dessert on the next table, I couldn’t resist myself and order a Panna Cotta.

I haven’t been much of a fan of panna cotta, I usually prefer the chocolate cakes and ice creams. But out of all the desserts that night, somehow that one was the one that called out to me. I was glad that I order it. Probably one of the best panna cotta I’ve had.

Overall, the nights experience was hit and miss. There was some amazing dishes, but there was also some that was below average. A brilliant smiling staff and a whole bunch of useless ones.

Would I recommend you to go ? Hmmzz.. I would say, yes. Go visit Jamie’s Italian at least one. It is not an expensive place to attend. Our dinner that night included a few beers and drinks, and it turned out to be only around $50 a head. Definitely value for money. But I do highly recommend that you book the table and turn up at the door and wait in line. For me it is not a place that I am willing to stand in line for 2.5 hours to get a table. But if a booking was made and there was spots available. I would definitely go back and try it out.

Jamie’s Italian
107 Pitt Street
NSW 2000

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