Bar Angolo and Pizzeria

Hungry Tuesday night, and I was looking forward to an Italian place in Epping which I have been told that the risotto is really good.

Unfortunately when we got to the place, we found out that they have a blown fuse and the shop was closed for the night. How disappointing 😦 . Still hungry, we decided to just go drive around to see if we can find something interesting to eat. We drove around aimlessly for about 20 minutes before pulling into Top Ryde shopping centre to have a look around.

We ventured up to the restaurant area of the shopping centre and manage to find a place that does risottos and pizza. Bar Angolo. At first the menu didn’t interest us too much as I was already disappointed that we missed out on good risotto, but the over enthusiastic waiter, Liam, manage to intrigued us with his suggestions.

Moving into the open restaurant, sitting under the heater we had a look around what was people eating around us. Pizza, salads, meat balls and pastas everywhere. We decided on the risotto and a pizza just to try it out.

Surprisingly, we have chose good. The saffron seafood risotto and the “Porkstar” pizza came out together and the presentation was really appetising, and it tasted just as it looked. Delicious!

After a disappointing start to the night of not being able to visit our little italian place in Epping, we were luckily able to find a place that did reasonably good food. Bar Angolo and Pizzeria at Top Ryde shopping was surprisingly good, and the friendly waiter Liam, definitely made the night a bit more interesting.

Bar Angolo Pizzeria
Top Ryde Shopping Centre
1300 264 656

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